Welcome to the guide to Aruba for sailors.

This guide was made based on questions and remarks we received from visitors we spoke to who visit the island by boat.

One of the most heard remarks was that one was told that Aruba could just as well be bypassed on the way to Colombia, but once the cruiser was here; Aruba was found to be a very pleasant surprise.

The friendliness of the people, the efficiency of the officials, and the beauty of the island made the visit worthwhile. Maybe this guide will get you to explore the island waters a little.

The sailing directions are based on recent information explored on a 6 ft. draft boat under sail. It was written with the intent to inform. There may be mistakes in descriptions or directions. Common sense and seamanship on your part has to have preference over what is written in these pages. No warranty, expressed or implied is made by the author about the correctness of the information.

Any suggestions and remarks to improve on this website on the contact us page will be greatly appreciated.