Marinas, Yards, Yacht Clubs

Renaissance marina

The marina is located inside Oranjestad harbor. , When entering Oranjestad harbor contact Aruba Port Control on channel 16 to ask for permission to enter the harbor. (Do call Aruba Port Control anytime you move your vessel within Oranjestad harbor, they don’t want to run over yachts when maneuvering with large steel ships.) The SE entry buoy to Oranjestad harbor is at 12° 30.317′ N 70° 02.153′ W.

The water depth at the entry to the Marina is 12½ ft.



Bucuti Yacht Club (BYCA) & Varadero Caribe

Bucuti Yacht Club (BYCA) located just South of the airport this is a private club which on occasion will accept visiting yachts.

Varadero Caribe right next to (NE of) BYCA, will accept visitors. There is a restaurant on premises. They have a hydraulic boat lift trailer for vessels up to 60 tons, 80 ft. long, 40 ft. wide and 7 ft. deep. The Varadero also offers dry storage. Currently they are in the process of getting the yard and storage recognized as an entrepot area by the Aruban customs service. This means that time spent on the hard will be exempt from the maximum 180 days limit. Phone + 297-588-3840.

There is a bank in front of the Varadero Caribe and the Bucuti yacht club that covers about 3/4 of the width of the lagoon. From the buoys of the charter boats up to Bucuti Yacht Club this bank is up to 6-1/2 ft deep. From Bucuti yacht club towards the dump the bank gets shallower. Closer to shore at Bucuti and Varadero Caribe the water is around 14 ft. deep up to Marandi restaurant that has a large thatched roof on a pier. To get to this section sail onward until you have Bucuti Yacht Club abroad, about 100 yds. SE of the yellow buoy. Line up the center of the two identical two story apartment buildings with the saddle of the haystack hill and come over the bank on this line. If you do touch; it is a sand / mud bottom that you can push through with some patience. With high tide up to 7 ft. draft can pass on this range line, 6 ft. or less should never have a problem between this range line and the yellow buoy.



Arubus: the local bus company (Line-8) has service from the Bucuti yacht club / Varadero gates.

Aruba Nautical Club

Located in between the water plant and the Spanish lagoon. Will accept visitors, has a small restaurant on premises. Can take up to 12 ft draft. You will have to eyeball your way between a few shoals to get there from Barcadera harbor.

Aerial view of Aruba Nautical Club and De Palm Island from the south

Entry to Aruba Nautical Club past De Palm Island