• Budget marine: Located in Balashi across from the water plant
  • East Wind Marine: At the Renaissance Marina in Oranjestad
  • Boaters Paradise: at Cumana next to Codemsa hardware store.


  • “General Store”: on the main road to from Oranjestad to the airport.
  • “Wema”: various locations on the island
  • “Certified Mega Mall”: on the main road from Oranjestad to the hotels has a “True Value” hardware department.
  • “Kooyman”: in Cumana


Renaissance Marina sells Diesel from their fuel dock or can arrange for truck delivery for larger quantities.
Aruba Nautical Club sells Diesel and Gasoline. They have a $20 surcharge for non-members who buy fuel at their station.
Fuel prices are set by the government.

Propane can be gotten at “Arugas” in Barcadera they can also fill the Butagaz bottles. Renaissance marina has a “drop of one day pick up the next” service on weekdays. Same day service if they happen to have the manpower available.


  • On the main road from Oranjestad to the airport Price Smart: “Members only” warehouse style supermarket. You can buy a day pass.
  • In Oranjestad: Kong Hing in the Haven Street behind the Renaissance shopping mall.
  • NW of Oranjestad on the road from Oranjestad to the Hotel area you will find the following supermarkets:
  • Kong Hing Supercenter.
  • Certified mega mall
  • Ling and Sons
  • Superfood


Trash can be disposed at the compactor south of the conference center at the Renaissance Marina, or at the trash bins at the Varadero Caribe. Waste oil: contact the Renaissance Marina or Varadero Caribe.